1. What are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are (1) ads placed on another person’s email broadcast (2) that goes out to his/her subscribers (3) in exchange of a dollar figure.

In most cases, it’s done on a cost per click basis.

The person selling the solo ads already has a list of email subscribers that he sends out email to. By buying a solo ad on this list, what you’re essentially doing is you’re paying that person to send out an email with your ad in it promoting the product or service that you want to get sales or conversions for.

It is one of the fastest and the best ways to get traffic to your offers if you’re on a budget and also if you want to avoid the steep learning curve that comes with any PPC network ad buy.

2. Where Can you Find the Best Solo Ad Vendors/providers?

The best place to find the best solo ad vendors and providers are as follows:



3. Facebook groups about solo ads (seee how to find them below)


SoloAdsX is our partner website and we update it every single Monday, we’ve been doing it for three years. Every vendor on SoloAdsX is trusted and reliable, that is the only way they can get featured on the site.

Each vendor is given a magic score, which takes into consideration a lot of factors that affect a solo ad, and therefore we recommend SoloAdsX as your choice of traffic.

We don’t make anything from it and it’s a FREE FOR ALL service. is a $29.99 per month subscription. They list of all the vendors you can buy solo ads from and if you don’t want to use SoloAdsX, – Udimi would be our second recommendation.

My third recommendation is going to be solo ads Facebook groups because there are a lot of scammers that find their ways into these groups and you might just end up wasting money if you aren’t very careful.

3. How To Get ‘buyer list solo ads’?

What are solo ads

Buyer list solo ads: This is probably one of the most expensive solo ad that you’re going to buy; for the simple reason that a buyer is more valuable than anybody else who has opted in to get some more information about a product or service.

A buyer is almost 20 times more valuable, and therefore the clicks that you get from buyers lists are going to be high quality, they’re going to respond better but they’re also going to cost a lot more than the regular email solo ads.

How do you get buyer list solo ads? Follow these steps:

1. Go to and search for keywords in your niche.

2. Find out websites that have opt in forms or web forms or that sell something.

3. Get in touch with the webmaster or the website owners and ask them if you can run a solo ad to their list of buyers in exchange of a dollar amount.

4. Fix the deal, run the solo.

Here’s another method:

1. Go to or

2. Look for products and/or services in your niche.

3. Contact the people who are the owners of these products/services and ask them if they allow solo ads to their list of subscribers.

4. Fix a deal & run the solo ad.

These are the only two ways that you can actually get buyer list solo ads. Although it’s high quality Solo ads traffic, it’s harder to find and it’s going to be much more expensive.

I’ve been having great success for the regular solo ads if I choose the vendors wisely. That is why I recommend SoloAdsX, Udimi, or Facebook groups to find the vendors.

The reason why some people fail at converting regular solo ads into profits is they don’t have products to sell at the backend which make the high ticket commissions. If you’d like to get $1200 per sale, check this out.

4. Where Can I buy Weight Loss or Forex Solo Ads?

So you’re looking to buy weight loss solo ads or forex solo ads, the steps have been outlined in the answer above.

It’s essentially the same thing all over again:

1. You go to Google.

2. You search for keywords in your niche.

3. You find the people who have websites and are ranking on Google.

4. Identify people who have web forms on their websites for collecting emails and then you manually go in and contact these webmasters and ask them if you can run solo ads on their list.

It takes a little longer than just going to directories like SoloAdsX or other directories but it’s going to be worth it if you are running offers in the weight loss or any other niche. That is the only way you can buy solo ads in even the most rare niches.

Also, the number of replies you get (asking if they allow email ads) is going to be low since you’re contacting these web masters directly, so don’t be disappointed.

Make a list of at least a hundred websites, send out emails, and you should get around five to six replies. That is if you’re lucky.

Don’t be disappointed if the response rate is close to 2 to 3%. You just need one good solo ad seller and you can just profit from that. And that, my friend, is how you’re going to get weight loss or forex solo ads.

5. Buy solo ads from reliable solo ad vendors/providers

To buy solo ads from reliable solo ad vendors or solo ad providers, you need a couple of things. Even though you can find the best solo ad vendors on, or Facebook groups it is very important that you do your due diligence and look up for negative reviews about any person that you’re doing to do a deal with (just a good business practice).

Say for example you want to buy clicks from Mr. A. You go into Google and type in Mr. A solo ads reviews and you try to find negative reviews. If you don’t find anything, it’s probably a good bet that his or her traffic is going to be good (if he has good testimonials already).

Insert Image

Again, if you’re using other platforms, you might need to do this, but with SoloAdsX, every single person on the list has been tested & assigned a magic score.

They list out the best solo ad vendors every single Monday. And they only feature the top 10 for the week, so you don’t have to do a lot of research. The top vendors are there for you to choose from and get traffic from.

After You Choose The Vendor, You Need Click Tracking:

Once you choose the solo ad vendor, what you need is click tracking. You just cannot give a naked link to the solo ad vendor, in theory you could but it makes no business sense. What you need to give a solo ad vendor is a tracked link.

For that, we recommend ClickMagick, which is the number one software when it comes to solo ad link tracking or link tracking in general. This is what I recommend and I use; 99% of the solo ad marketplace uses the same service.

Here are The Exact Steps:

1. You create a link in your ClickMagick platform, and

2. You give that link to the solo ad vendor.

Example: You bought 100 clicks from Mr. A. You just give a ClickMagick link to Mr. A so that you’d be able to recognize if Mr. A’s traffic is quality or not. ClickMagick helps you determine if the traffic is tier one, two or three; if it was bot clicks or real users.

It filters out the bot or fake clicks and you get every single metric right there on the ClickMagick admin panel.

Insert ClickMagick Image

ClickMagick also helps you track the conversions. So you know exactly how many optins and sales you got. This is very important if you’re running so ads to grow your business. You cannot just run it by his hit or trial.

You need to have a system in place which tracks your conversions. We use and recommend ClickMagick for link tracking.

3. Use SoloAdsX to find the reliable solo ad vendors/ providers, and make sure that you keep your numbers clear right from the get go, because it’s very important.

Without perfect accounts on these numbers, you’re probably going to fail at solo ads, or at buying traffic, or at doing anything in business. Business is all about numbers. You need to do this.

6. Top Tier Traffic From Solo Ads (Newsletter Ads) for my MLM offer?

Newsletter Solo Ads

So now you want top tier traffic from solo ads or newsletter ads for your MLM, gawd you’re demanding!

Whether you’re running Empower Network, Exodus Elite, Easy One Up, Aspire, Digital Altitude, My Online Top Tier Business or any other MLM; all you need is quality traffic going to these systems. Because, frankly, these systems really work. If you fail at something like this, It’s probably your traffic that sucks.

Systems like these are making people millions, the best one is this though.

How do you get top tier traffic from solo ads?

Basically, you have a couple of options:

#1 is going to a directory like Solo Ads X. Here you’ll find the top 10 for the week, it’s updated every Monday like clock-work (for over 3 years).

We believe that in a crowd of people selling bad traffic, what you need is clear options to choose from; so SoloAdsX lists out the top 10 vendors every single week.

The other options are Udimi, which is $29.99/month, or you can just go to some Facebook group and get traffic.

You’ll Have To Ask The Seller

For top tier traffic from solo ads, in most cases, you’ll have to specify that you want only 100% top tier traffic, the pricing might be a little different on those clicks, but you can get top tier traffic from pretty much anyone in the solo ads marketplace.

Just mention that you don’t want the Tier 2 or Tier 3 traffic, and they’re going to filter it out for you.


7. Which is the Best Solo Ads Directory for targeted Email Marketing?

Email marketing for solo ads

Which is the best Solo Ads directory for targeted e-mail marketing? I have a comparative analysis of the best directories that exist in the Solo Ads space, and you can find the table below and choose wisely:

8. Source of cheap solo ads that work Or Discounts on Solo Ads.

You’re looking for sources of cheap solo ads that work or discounts on solo ads?

First of all, I want to get this thing in your mindset that there is nothing like a cheap traffic. Traffic is traffic. If you spend $10/click and make $50, it’s cheap for you.

If you spend $1 and it never converts not only are you going to be disappointed, but you’ll think the whole marketing on the internet is a scam! So think straight first, it’s about the ROI first, second and last not about anything else.

If you’re looking for 1000 clicks for $5, it’s not going to work for you, but if you’re really looking for genuine, legit people visiting your websites, then be prepared to spend $0.40 to $2 per click.

Now, if that doesn’t make you money, you need work on your funnels and conversions because there are a ton of people killing it online using the traffic from solo ads. So the traffic isn’t the problem.

The problem is your sales funnel, you can license this $475/day funnel if you don’t already have one.

What are Cheap Solo Ads:

When we say cheap solo ads, we mean clicks at around 40 to 50 cents, nothing below that. Sometimes we do get a deal if you’re buying a ton of clicks like 1,000 or 2,000 clicks.

Deals of around 35 cents per click are good; but anything under that is probably going to be junk traffic that’s not going to convert. We don’t really bother with it, and I recommend the same for you.

We’ve been in the solo ads space for three years, and we’ve almost seen all the shit that exists, so anything under $0.35-$0.40 doesn’t really make sense for us.

If you’re getting traffic from a shitty gig over at which is like thousands of clicks for $5, I can guarantee that it’s junk traffic sent through scripts that are running on servers.

It’s just delivering hits, it’s not adding anything to your bottom line, It’s not making you a profit and it’s just delaying your success.

Discounts on solo ads?

Go to, approach the vendors, and tell them that you’re a friend of Prashant Sharma or Solo Ads X, and they’re going to probably hook you up with a discount just because you’re coming from Solo Ads X.

Again, the sources of solo ads remain the same, but if you’re looking for anything like 1000 clicks for $5, go away. This website is not for you.

This is for serious businessmen who want to get traffic to their opt-in pages or their funnel pages (sorry if I offend someone but it’s just the way it is).

9. Targeted email addresses for newsletter advertising.

Targeted email addresses for solo ads

Now, I know list building is very hard and time consuming…. not to mention all the technical skills that go with it. Honestly, it’s hard getting your opt-in pages up, then optimizing them and driving traffic.

It has a lot of pieces in the puzzle, so the best bet that you have is getting a service like, which is essentially a done-for-you list-building service. You don’t need anything else. We take care of everything.

You’re just getting a done-for-you e-mail list that you can start sending out e-mails right from Day One and you can start making money by sending out affiliate promos to the list. And since you control the list, you can do it over and over again.

If you’re promoting MLM offers, if you’re promoting your own products or even if you’re an affiliate promoting somebody else’s product, is your best source for targeted e-mail addresses.

Our cost per subscriber is equivalent to the cost per click on any solo ad. Read that again, Our Cost Per SUBSCRIBER is less than what you would pay for a click anywhere else on this whole planet.

You get guaranteed subscribers for 49 cents added to your e-mail list, so if you’re looking for targeted e-mail addresses. Go Here and let us do the hard work while you sit back, sip on a margarita and we’ll work our butts off FOR YOU.

10. Best Solo Ads for Targeted Traffic.

To get the best solo ads for targeted traffic, first, you need to identify a niche. If you’re in the make money online niche, you have these options:

1. Solo Ads X;


3. Facebook groups

4. Warrior Forum Solo Ads.

For WarriorForum you can just go to their site and search for solo ads. You’re going to find a lot of vendors that are still doing solo ads on Warrior Forum, but I recommend that you use the first 3 options. By doing this you can easily make money with solo ads.

Solo Ads Outside the Make Money Online Niche:

If you looking for solo ads outside of the make-money-online niche, what you need to do is read the answer to point #4 above. And you’re going to be able to see how to find solo ads for targeted traffic in your niche: be it weight loss, forex, health & fitness or even some other niches like knitting or woodworking.

You can find and convince someone to send out a solo ad for you in exchange of money (because everybody’s in business to make money).

If you “make them an offer they cannot refuse,”  they’re probably going let you run a solo ad with them. Go on, read the answer to point #4.

11. Which is the Best solo ad marketplace or agency?

Here’s the list of the top five websites in the solo ads space that can help you get access to the best solo ads vendors, the best solo ad resources and everything in between.

From click tracking to conversion tracking to funnel optimization, these are the top five websites and resources that we recommend:




4. Live Chat on (For Done-For-You List Building)

5. $475 per Day Funnel.

These are all the resources you need. If you need help with something else, get in touch with our support here: and we’ll help you out. We’re good people and friends on the internet is all we have…lol

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